Tracking Our Pigeons 2017

Racing Pigeons Help Scientists Get the Most Out of Motus



Each bird has two antennas.  One is a GPS tag.  The other is a nanotag.   Nanotag Tower locations

  Tracking May 27th  From    Madoc & Peterborough

 Tracking June 3rd    From    Smiths Falls & Madoc

               Tracking June 10th  From     Vankleek Hill  & Merrickville

                                                                                                 Tracking June 17th  From      Peterborough

                                                                                                 Tracking June 24th  From    Madoc  &  Hwy 7 & 38

                                                                                                  Tracking July 2nd  From      South Sherbrooke & Hwy 7 & 38

    Tracking July 8 th  From     Madoc & Hwy 7 & 38 

                                                                                                                                                    Tracking July 15th  From    Madoc